about me

a brief summary of who we are and what we do

As an avid artist from a very young age my dream has always been to work as a Graphic Designer much to my mum's disappointment as she had expectations of me becoming an Architect. Sorry mum. Thankfully I was given the opportunity under the tutorship of Gerry MacAuley at Ballymoney Technical College now the NRC. My first venture into Graphic Design was as part of my Media Studies course where my focus was on print design as opposed to most other students who focus on videography. It was at this point where I had my first opportunity to use an Apple Mac computer. Something that has played a major part in carving out the person I was to become. I will always be thankful to Gerry for the opportunity he gave me at the time as without his input I'm not sure what my future could have been. During my time at College I have remember working on my first designs using the now obsolete Aldus Pagemaker. Even at this early stage I was mesmerised with the how I was able to turn my ideas into reality using my monotone Mac. This was indeed the start of my journey.


Whilst at college I had completed my A Levels and was in the process of furthering my education by taking on a more advanced course when I was given the opportunity of joining Robert Wilson Design and Print based at the BEC Ballymoney Enterprise Centre in Ballymoney. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and shortly after I joined his team and at this point my passion for Graphic Design really took off.


With 20 years experience in the industry I believe I have a good understanding of what my clients expect and see myself as a problem solver offering the best solution to my clients.  My foundation is design with a great understanding of the UI which including spending an extensive amount of time as a member of a freelance team working on a custom interface for XBMC which can still be seen in parts in its current default UI.  I have a fascination with how things function and pride myself on being a bit of a perfectionist to ensure I provide the best even to my own detriment. I have spent all of my professional career using Apple Mac's and have an excellent understanding of how they work from the OS to the hardware and can provide training and advice in regards to Apple Mac's and iPhones and iPads etc.

I have gained extensive experience in a wide range of software from Desktop Publishing software like QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator etc to the more web focused Dreamweaver and CMS systems like Magento and Concrete5.  I feel that I am always learning and push myself to ensure I can provide the best end result for my clients and myself.

With the experience and relationships I have built up over the years I have extensive access across the board within print houses and web development teams which puts me in a position where I can provide an answer to any clients needs.

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of clients from the local joinery works to such clients as SeaCat where design and print runs where in the millions with responsibility of both design and print was placed on my shoulders.  I enjoy a challenge and work best under pressure.  In fact I would say I enjoy being under stress as it forces me to push my capabilities on a regular basis ensuring that the next job is even better.

As part of the service I provide I have a dedicated Hosting server based within the UK with 24 hour technical support on hand which ensures my clients websites are running on the most up to date hardware and software on the market.  If you would be interested in utilising my Hosting Services please get in touch.

With the experience I have acquired as a Graphic Designer I have gained a wide range of experience in many industries from Tourism to Manufacturing designing everything from Corporate Brochures to Roadside Signage. Having spent so much time in the Industry I have gained insight into so many different models and pride myself on providing unique solutions to my clients.